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our food

We're at the forefront of bringing real food to pets - no rendered meat meals or meat by products, no preservatives, only 100% natural meat, fruits & veggies for our furry friends. We're making the next best thing to a homecooked meal, adding vitamins and minerals to make it complete and balanced, and gently cooking it to retain essential nutrients. From our kitchen to yours, we believe pets deserve the healthiest life, and that starts with fresh real food. Our pet parents are always sharing how much they love our food and see the benefits of feeding their dogs Freshpet. We’ve received thousands of letters from pet parents telling us of the amazing benefits they’ve seen in their dog after feeding Freshpet. From picky eaters who now love mealtime, to senior dogs who now act like puppies, we just love to hear their transformation stories.

Here are just some of the ways that Freshpet food makes a difference in the lives of dogs.

  • Increased energy as fresh meats are nutrient dense, so our foods easily convert into maximum energy.  What does that mean for your pets? More playtime. 
  • Shiny, soft skin & coat because fresh meats and eggs provide fatty acids to keep coats healthy and help prevent dry skin and shedding.  
  • Healthy weight because high-protein meals with amino acids and other nutrients help build lean muscle, while the right ingredients help pets reach and maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Improved digestion since our fresh refrigerated meals are highly digestible, with fiber to help prevent stomach upsets. 
  • Allergy relief due to some grain-free recipes, single protein sources and no fillers

Our tasty recipes are crafted for optimal nutrition. We blend high quality proteins — like Chicken, Beef, Salmon and Eggs—with prebiotic-rich veggies and fruits.  Each nutrient-rich meal is gently steamed to retain the vital nutrients your dog needs and kept refrigerated until it reaches your door.

All our recipes are rigorously formulated and approved by Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo, our resident veterinarian and Head of R&D, who holds a PhD in Applied Biochemistry and Food Science. Freshpet recipes are 100% complete and balanced, complying with AAFCO's nutritional standards. They meet the requirements for canine nutrition, going above minimum and staying below maximum required levels.

We’re also proud to have established the Freshpet Nutrition Council, a group of board-certified DVMs, DVNs, DACVNs and PhDs who guide, supervise and validate our research.

Freshpet recipes are made with natural and fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.  We believe in building long-term supplier partnerships to source healthy and sustainable ingredients with many being locally sourced to our Freshpet Kitchens.  96% of our ingredients are from North America.  The other 4% are non-domestic, such as Europe, and are also non-Chinese origin. 

We carefully monitor incoming ingredients and work with our partners to ensure they adhere to our high-quality standards.


Freshpet recipes are 100% complete and balanced, complying with AAFCO's nutritional standards. They meet the requirements for canine nutrition, going above minimum and staying below maximum required levels. All formulas contain the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to fulfill guaranteed life stages. However, it's important to note that Freshpet treats are not complete and balanced meals.

Freshpet refrigerated food is made in our very own US Freshpet Kitchens.

Freshpet is not raw.  Freshpet products are fresh, refrigerated recipes that are gently steam cooked at low temperatures to preserve key nutrients.

All Freshpet Custom Meals products are designed to be stored in your refrigerator [unopened] until the Sell By Date, which is printed directly on the package. Use contents of bag within 7 days of opening.

While our food is made to be served fresh from the fridge, you can feel free to freeze any unused portions. Keep in mind texture and moisture levels may vary after freezing, but this will not change the nutritional value of the food. 

If you do opt to freeze our food, it is best to portion the food and seal in airtight packaging. When ready to use, thaw in the refrigerator and use within the same day. We recommend using within one month of freezing for optimal freshness. However, recipes can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Our Custom Meals recipes are suitable for puppies because they are designed for all life stages with one exception*. A puppy’s feeding requirements change rapidly for healthy growth and are adjusted differently than adult dogs. When you build a plan, you'll have the option to include your puppy. We'll provide general guidelines on how you can adjust their feeding amounts to ensure they get the right nutrition for their continuous growth. For our generic puppy feeding guidelines table, please visit *Please note, our one exception is our Beef and Chicken recipe, which is not formulated for the growth of large breed puppies (70 lbs or more).

how it works

Freshpet Custom Meals is a subscription meal plan delivered straight to your door. Like all Freshpet brands, the products are made fresh starting with Natural Chicken, Beef, Salmon, or Eggs and never any rendered meat meals, meat by products or preservatives. Only 100% natural protein-rich meat, fruits & veggies. 

What is unique for Custom Meals is we design a complete and balanced meal plan based on your dog’s weight, gender, physical condition, and activity level. The recipes fit your dog’s preferences and we provide feeding guidelines specific for your dog’s optimal nutrition. There’s no guess-work. We help you find the perfect recipe and all the information you need about what to feed your dog each day.

Every dog is different. We design a complete and balanced custom meal plan based on your dog’s weight, gender, physical condition, and activity level. We provide feeding guidelines specific to your dog for optimal nutrition, and deliver the food on a schedule that is best fit for you and your dog.

Our food starts at around $2.08/day for small dogs who are exclusively fed Custom Meals and always includes free delivery. Each meal plan is different and customized to your dog’s size, body condition, gender, and more. To determine your exact cost, you can complete your dog's profile, which will determine the amount of food they should eat for optimal nutrition each day.

Freshpet Custom Meals is a subscription service that delivers fresh meals that are personalized according to your dog’s nutritional needs. Delivery is always free, and your dog’s meals are delivered fresh to your door based on a delivery frequency outlined in your dog’s personalized meal plan that works with your schedule.

Freshpet Custom Meals is a subscription-only service. Being subscription-based allows us to build a relationship with you and your dog, providing you with the right amount of food, as well as the convenience of fresh food delivered to your home. 

We offer a discount on your first order that is automatically applied at checkout.

Yes, you can choose multiple recipes.

When switching from another brand of pet food to Freshpet Custom Meals, we recommend doing so gradually over a period of 7-10 days. We’re happy to walk you through the transition guidelines.

  • Day 1-3, serve 25% of the whole portion size of the new food mixed with 75% of old food. 
  • Days 4-6, serve 50% of the new food mixed with 50% of the old food. 
  • Days 7-10, serve 75% of the new food mixed with 25% of the old food. 
  • Day 11+ serve 100% of the new food.

Follow these steps for serving for best results:

    Step 1 – Keep Refrigerated

    Keep food in fridge until ready to serve. Food will be good for 7 days after opening each individual package.

    Step 2 – Measure

    Refer to your personalized printout in your delivery bag, your Custom Meals account at, or your confirmation email for your personalized feeding guidelines. Guidelines will be specific to your dog based on their weight, age, gender, physical condition, activity level and more.

    Step 3 – Serving

    Meals can be poured directly into your pet’s bowl. 

    Step 4 – Serving and Cleaning

    Our food comes fully cooked and made to be served fresh out of the refrigerator – no additional cooking necessary! 

With Freshpet Custom Meals, we provide feeding guidelines specific to your dog for optimal nutrition. If you’ve already completed a profile for your dog, you can find your optimal nutritional guidelines in your account.  Your personalized guidelines are also included with each order and in your original digital welcome email from when your first order was placed.

Freshpet Custom Meals can be purchased in New York City with plans to expand.  For all other Freshpet brand options in your area, visit Freshpet's store locator.

We offer several plan types to suit your dog's needs and schedule:

Recommended Plan:

Our Recommended Plan takes your dog’s specific needs into consideration and determines the ideal quantity and delivery frequency.

  • Full Plan: Covers 100% of your dog’s daily feeding requirements.
  • Half Plan: Covers 50% of your dog’s daily feeding needs, perfect if you plan to mix it with their current food.

Make Your Own Plan:

This plan gives you complete control over the recipe quantity and delivery frequency. You can receive a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more bags.

account management

You are charged 2 days ahead of your scheduled delivery date.  If you need to pause or change the delivery date for upcoming orders, please log in to your Freshpet Custom Meals account and edit your subscription.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time as your needs change. You can do that simply following these steps:

  • Log into your Freshpet Custom Meals Account at 
  • Go to “My Settings” find “Account Actions”
  • Choose either “Pause All Deliveries” or “Cancel All Subscriptions”

You can view your order history at any time.  You can do that simply following these steps:

  • Log into your Freshpet Custom Meals Account at 
  • Your order history and ability to click into any order should be visible on your account page

To update your payment method:

  • Log into your account at 
  • Go to "My Settings."
  • Click on "Change" under "Default Payment."
  • A window will open to "send email" associated with your account. Follow the instructions in the email to update your payment information.


Freshpet Custom Meals are a fresh product, which is why we recommend setting a delivery time for when someone is home to put the products into a refrigerator as soon as possible.

All Freshpet Custom Meals products are designed to be stored in your refrigerator [unopened] until the Sell By Date, which is printed directly on the package.

Use contents of bag within 7 days of opening.

The food should not sit unrefrigerated for more than an hour.  If the product is no longer cold, please contact 866-364-6325 or use our contact form.

Freshpet Custom Meals are delivered on a regular schedule according to your dog’s meal plan and is either 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks on our recommended plans. We deliver in a cadence to ensure you never run out of food for your beloved dog(s).

If you need to make any changes to your order, delay/skip a delivery, you can make those adjustments on your Freshpet Custom Meals account. You can make edits to your order up until 72 hours before your order delivery time. 

You can adjust your upcoming deliveries from your Freshpet Custom Meals Account Page: 

1. Log into your Freshpet Custom Meals Account Page at 

2. Under "My Orders" click on ‘Reschedule’ under your upcoming shipments depending on the date change you want to update. 

3. Update to a delivery day and time that works best for when you are home.

Freshpet Custom Meals can travel with you – just make sure to keep it refrigerated/packed with ice until you get it into a refrigerator at your new location.

You can also pause or change the delivery date of your subscription if needed. Please visit your Freshpet Custom Meals Account Page.

1. Log into your Account at

2. Click on "My Orders" then "Reschedule." Please note if you change your delivery date, the frequency will remain the same.

3. To pause your subscription, select "My Settings" and under ‘Account Actions’ select "Pause All Deliveries." You can select a date when to resume the subscription.

Driven by our passion for protecting pets, people, and the planet, we do all we can to lessen our environmental impact while giving pets the freshest, healthiest food. To reduce waste, we offer multiple options to ensure the bag we deliver in is repurposed:

Return the Bag: If you would like to return the bag, simply leave it for pick up on the day of your next delivery. Our courier will collect it, and we have an internal reuse program where the bags are repurposed by our employees.

Donate the Bag: Consider donating the bag to local food banks or clothing donation organizations that accept reusable bags in good condition.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to create a healthier planet!